Technology Start-ups and SMEs struggle to build a full-fledged business development team and end up spending few lakhs every month. Building a complete business development team, is time taking, costly and does not come with a surety that it would yield result. And since revenue generation is the most critical department of a company, outsourcing it will only be possible if the confidentiality of their product and pricing details are maintained by the techno marketing partner. Focusing on engineering and R&D will enable the technically inclined CEOs of SMEs to deliver product and solutions faster and reach the market sooner. Custobridge supports all kind of businesses from startups to grown ups to grow leaps and bounds with all kinds of marketing assistances. We provide expert guidance and complete support as your extended business development wing. 

Pre-Sales Analysis

Our engineering and business development team assists you in understanding the customer requirement and mapping it to your expertise. A deal is profitable only if it was analysed thoroughly and the requirements were mapped in a professional manner.

Post Sales Support

Repeat customers and referral customers keep a business running. But in-order to ensure that a company keeps on getting repeat businesses from its old customers, its old customers need to be kept happy with professional and on-time technical support. We can be your outsourcing partner for post-sales support and our team of engineers would work in tandem with your technical experts, under standard NDAs and agreements. For providing the technical support for a software product sold, it is essential to understand the operational details of the software, hence we don’t need to understand architectural details of your software product. Organizing training and product education programs are also taken care of by us.

Pricing Modulation

We can help you in designing the most profitable pricing model, which will not burn a hole in your pocket but at the same time is competitive. We help you define your pricing strategies based on licenses distributed of the software binary, and can help you in devising SaaS pricing models based on software usage or services delivered. We can help you come up with a tiered, per user, per feature, bundled, flat rate, freemium and Pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Legal Assistance

Our team of legal experts are conversant in all aspects of company laws and legal bindings. We assist you in validating all kinds of agreements like NDAs, Proposals, Partnership Agreements, Reseller Agreements, Support and Maintenance Agreements, Statement of Work, End-User-License Agreement, Software Usage Agreement, Consultancy and Professional Services Agreement and others.

Trade Show Representation

We provide you information regarding trade shows and exhibitions which are relevant for your company and offerings. We help you in showcasing your offerings in those exhibitions or trade shows. Apart from assisting you in setting up a booth or stall, we help you in fixing important business meetings in those exhibitions.