We specialize in Techno Marketing Lead Closures. We are the right company to partner with for companies looking client acquisition through remote marketing or email marketing. 

We help your business to sail through and partner you in cracking business deals. Our focused approach of reaching your target customers after thorough analysis of your offering and market will be as per industry’s best practices in marketing. Our Sell Through service is a result oriented and proven approach that is strategically reviewed through the tenure of contract.

Sell Through Service

We help you throughout the sales cycle. You get unlimited access to post your expertise on our page. We understand your company’s offering thoroughly before matching it with the requirements sought by buyers. We generate a good number of leads for you, every month and reach out to them on behalf of you. 

It involves setting up pre-sales or requirement analysis meeting and demonstrations, wherein the team members of both the buyer and the vendor is involved and we facilitate such meetings or demonstration with the right contacts. Once the discussion reaches evaluation or PoC stage, we will be the first line of support with our team of support engineers. After successful evaluation we help you in quoting the right price and in making the best proposal. We assist you in the negotiation stage and in closing deals.

Lead Generation Service

We don’t provide you with a chunk of lead database, with names and email ids of people who might not be relevant for you. We provide you valid email ids of decision makers. We do thorough research about your area of expertise and match them with the people in your industry and filter out names which would be relevant for you and they might have posted requirements matching your area of expertise. We are the B2B match-makers and we believe in quality leads which can actually help you in getting sweet deals.